Server Rules!

Server rules posted here. obey them.
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Server Rules!

Postby Anonyado » Thu Jun 30, 2016 9:11 pm

Server Rules:

    1. No Fighting commander - Commander can defend itself with claymores but cannot FIGHT!
    2. No nade spamming - Do not resupply to trow more nades!
    3. No baserape/camp - No baseraping or basecamping the uncaps!
    4. No hacking/cheating/glitching - This will result in a permanent IP ban
    5. No c4/claymore on flag - No c4/claymore on the flags!
    6. No Teamkilling - No teamkilling!
    7. No cursing/flaming/racism - We all dont like it.
    8. All admin use =[BS]= in their name - Anybody who isnt from =[BS]= and wears the clan tag will result in a ban!

Please obey the rules.

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